Caviar Deluxe’s mission is to make people discover the exceptional traditions and products of a European country that few people know about: The Republic of Moldova. Living in the UK, a country where the market is highly developed, sophisticated and diversified, we realized that our high quality Moldovan products remain unknown on this market.

So, we decided to found Caviar Deluxe, in order to bring our Moldovan products on the British market, to raise awareness about our country and its products and to diversify the country’s exports.

Our philosophy is to offer remarkable “Cricova” sparkling wines and finest “Aquatir” caviar to delight even the most sophisticated gourmet.

Aquatir Caviar is a noble product, symbol of  taste and luxury.

The technology used in the enterprise  allows to get  fresh caviar all year round, so that our clients can enjoy fresh  caviar every day.

 Following classical caviar production traditions, it is used only  salt, no preservatives or any additives to artificially enhance color, taste or aroma.


We have a policy against GMO, growth hormones or antibiotics. We make sure our clients get 100% natural caviar and it is safe to consume. To make sure it is safe to consume for everyone without any restrictions all caviar is being tested in our own medical lab prior it is packed.
All caviar is vacuum packed at our state of the art factory facility and we made sure that perfect aroma and flavor of natural sturgeon caviar is carefully preserved for you to enjoy.

’’Cricova’’ is the first winery in Moldova that produces sparkling wine according to the French classic method, that is the secondary fermentation in the glass and subsequent cuvée ageing for at least 9 months and up to 3-5 years in underground galleries.

The rémuage is done in a traditional way – exclusively manually. The range of sparkling wines goes from “extra brut”, „brut”, up to ”sweet”.

Sparkling wine is delicate in aromas, balanced in tastes and special due to its gracious bubbles. The sparkling cuvé wines and their production represent a combination of the best known practices and the traditions, craftsmanship and specifics of the Moldovan terroir.

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